How to find buyers in SW Pa

Next phase of wholesale - finding buyer
I have sent emails to the ads posted on craigslist and found a few buyers, but I think I need to have a bigger list.
What else can I do to find the buyers?


Wow, I was busy handwriting post cards this morning, all stressed out cuz I have sent out several hundred and I only got a half dozen calls, I sent 2 lowball offers out and was kinda wishing for the good ole days when I had deals.
It’s interesting how fast things can turn, I get a call from Al who has an inherited house in bad town, he gives me the whole story of inheriting the house from his dad & his Dad bought it back in the 60’s when he was only making 50 cents an hour in the fields and how he has big run ins with code enforcement and getting plans for a rehab and how he gutted it and on and on. It takes patience.
Remember, listening skills are seriously important.
He said he wud take 27K for it. I sent it out to my handful of buyers and sold it for 35 friking K.
Now when I inspect this rathole I will tell him the seller, I don’t know Al, my partner will slap the crap out of me if I pay more than 24 for a house in this condition and crime infested area. But I don’t care, I can do 25K to wrap this up right now.
After paying my bird dog I will walk with 8 Friking Grand.
And that’s how it’s done, grasshopper.