How to find buyers for SFR, FSBO on land contract...

I have tried the newspaper, alot of calls, but from those with no down payment…
The home is very nice, 3-br/2-bath/basement/3-car garage on 1-acre with large pond leading to several lakes in the area.
Anyone have some advice ??

I know some folks mention the needed down payment in their ads, might be worthwhile to screen out the lookieloos that don’t have any cash.

If they don’t have the DP I always ask if they can borrow it from family or friends.

I have put in the newspaper the down payment needed but they still call, i even get calls from people wanting to rent ?
Duh ???
I have also ask folks if they can borrow the funds for the down pmt., most say they can get $500.00
The market has really gone to h**

What is the required down?

The home has an appraisal of 210K, selling price 192K with 10% down…
I think that is very fair with the equity buyer will have at closing.

I bet those “no down payment guys”…especially the ones who want YOU to put up the down payment…are just guys looking to get rich quick in the business, and will be out of the business within 6-12 months.

I can’t imagine the # of suckers that are going to these $2000 real estate seminars and go out thinking they’re going to get rich quick in real estate. …

Anyone else have any ideas, besides giving the house away for free…

Anyone have any other ideas ??

is it a property you can market as a VACATION HOME? don’t knokw where it is? but sounds rural…market to other states? where is it?