how to find bird dogs

im wondering how i can find bird dogs and how i should train them. i have a one year old and also another full time job, i dont have enough time to find deals at this time, what are some good ways to find bird dogs. how can i hire people to bring me leads?

My name is Kevin Robinson. I have been an investor for over 15 years. We use birddogs to find both buyers and sellers. Most of the birddogs we use have been doing it for a while, we did not train them. Most of the ones that I use do not want to be investors, they want to do the other end. The good ones are worth bucks. You give them what you want and they will produce for you. I pay mine big $$$.
You can find them without much work. Go to RE websites and forums and read the postings. The same names will appear again and again. You will figure out who is a birddog. I invest all over the US and only need a few birddogs. Just pay them well.
You can make a deal today without a birddog. I made a post on here under RE marketing, topic: a good place to advertise your properties. Try it , it will work. Spend one long day on it and you will make a deal.
I started that way.
Take care.

kevin- i would like to talk to you more about buying property out of state and how you work that.

thanks for the reply

Where do you live?