How to find an investor?

My husband and I rehab houses and would like to partner up with and investor to help speed up the rate at which we can buy. We do all the work and between us we can install tile,HVAC,paint,cabinets,drywall,electrical and many other things.Please help if you know someone or a way to find them.

Thank You

You might get a better response if everyone knew what State/ area you are in.

My bad, I’m in St.Petersburg,FL

How about an ad in your local paper under investment opportunities. There are lots of people that want to get into the business but don’t have the time to manage the project. If they’re local, you’ll feel better about it since you’ll be able to meet with them, and you’ll have the opportunity to show them what you’ve done in the past and lay out a plan for the future. You can set them up with your banker for a pre-approval to be an investor/ credit partner.

You may wish to see if you have any REI clubs in your area. There is a link to them at the left of this section under investor resources. You may want to go to one or as mentioned previously run an ad in your local paper.