How to find a Real Estate attorny?

Hi all,

I’m just beginning and im reading all the articles and preparing myself for this new indevour. I have a perfect full time job that only requires my time 3-4 days a week and all the other days are free. I have a CPA and and brother-in-law who is a bank manager, so I believe i’ll have the finance portion covered. (oh the brother-in-law was once a real estate broker). But, my problem is locating a good real estate attorney. Am I to just look in the yellow pages and interview? If anyone has any ideas to find attorneys please let me know. Thanks, and im anxious to get started.

While you definately have a good start to your team, I wouldn’t try to get all of them included before making some deals. In fact, I’ve found that once you start making deals, a lresidual side-affect is that members of your extended team will start coming to you. It’s almost like those biblical “beget” lines …

Deal #1 beget a loan officer who beget a CPA who beget 3 more deals who beget a RE attorny who beget …

You can search for attorneys at