How to find a good Contractor ?

HI there,

Can anybody help me on the best ways to find a good Contractor I would really appreciate please in the Baltimore area?
Why ?
As i started investing in the Baltimore a year a go bought a house fixed up rented it out .
Bought a house that needs some work in good condition though needs all plastering,sheet rock,Carpets finding this bit hard as i keep getting ripped off ::slight_smile: Any help much appreciated.

Go to your local REI club and ask for referrals. How did you get ripped off? Did you ask for a biz license # and check them out with the BBB and the state for complaints? Also, did you get referrals from them and check those?
And never get into a pay schedule where you’ve paid them ahead of the work they’ve done. If they need your money ahead of time to buy materials thats a red flag.

Hi Mike,

no I did not check there licence.
Also I paid them up from how dum of me .
I will let you know how my rehab goes and thank for the information.I am learning 8)