How to find 1st wholesale deal cheap.

I know that you can find a lot of ugly houses and track down the owners with a skip tracer but that costs a little money. You can find reo’s free but then you have the big deposit to put up. (Is there a way to get it back if you can’t find a buyer and close?) I’ve learned how I can find the buyers but all the buyers won’t do me any good if I don’t have a deal for them. So how can I find my 1st whole sale deal and what is the cheapest way? How much is it really going to cost me? :help

You asked this question in another way in another thread in another forum. I suggest you go back there and really read the answers as your questions have been answered. You need to advertise and/or go out and find houses to get good leads:,46652.0.html

The cheapest way to find houses is to spend $100 for 100 bandit signs, slap them babies all over the city on wooden telephone poles, and watch the calls start to come in. All you have to do now is screen out the bad leads and pick out the houses that you want to offer to your buyers list.

It all happens pretty quickly, just make sure you are able to take the phone calls or hire somebody that can. :cool