How to finance this deal? $40k Profit ;possible

Price: $155,000
ARV: $200,000
Repairs: $5000

Whe know we can purchase the house thru traditional lending but I don’t want to run into seasoning issues on the resale?

What else can we do?

The seller wants cash because she knows she’s giving up a lot of equity.

Howdy Junker:

I would just suggest finding a lender that does not care about seasoning. and maybe use them to purchase the property and then again to sell to your buyer. Double commission and dicsount points for them. I have to use hard money at the current time but I would do it this way if I had better credit. There are lenders that do not question seasoning at all

Hey Ted,

What is seasoning? How does one go about finding and dealing with Hard Money lenders?

If I may…
Seasoning is a period of time before the lender will let you refi, some require 1 year (sometimes called green)and there are some that have no seasoning issues. hard money lenders are all over the place, check this web site for a list, call them and see what the requirments are. Do a google search also.

Howdy MannyMo:

Seasoning refers to how long the owner has owned the property. Some lendrs are getting particular about how long the current owner has owned the property. If they see a profit they figure fraud must have some way been involved. If you rehab property keep receipts to help show the fix up expenses and to prove why the property you bought for $10,000 is now worth $100,000. Just some off the wall numbers there.

A lot of hard money lenders are listed here on this web site at this address:

I do now know what you mean by dealing with them? Each one is different. Most want someone who has experience in doing deals and or construction. Most also want you to have some money (skin) in the deal, 5 to 10 % is about average. Some will escrow for repairs and some will not. The fees are about 3 to 5 points and rates ranging from 10 to 15 %. Most are money brokers just arranging the use of others money for the points. I like using a local smaller company because they will tend to have a personal interest in you and the deals. I do not know much else to tell you at this time. Maye some more specific questions need to be asked?