How to do this?

House worth around $180k. Seller will settle for $140k if I pay closing costs. House does not need any repairs (according to seller and pictures; must look at the property in person to verify).

Ratio of price to value is too high for hard money and also if no repairs are needed.
With my credit (622 middle), buying conventional needs 5% down (according to mortgage broker).

How can get this deal done?



there is an option were you can do an 80/20. 80% of the loan is one rate and the remaining 20% is another rate so you virtually have 2 loans. The first loan for yourself shouldn’t be difficult getting but you then have to find a second mortgage. With a 622 fico it might take some snooping around on who would give you that second at that fico.

it would take some shopping around but there is also other factors banks look other than just fico. Length of employment, if you bounce around or stick with one job. How many tradelines you have on your credit report. There might some bc banks out there that would give you 100% financing. Just to name a few, Freemont, Encore, New Century, Option One, those are just a few but its companies like these that would do it if there was a lender to do it. Your best best is to find a broker that lends on a correspondent level. They have access to some of the best rates and programs in the industry.

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