How to do An Lease option in texas?

Hello :slight_smile: I have a 3-2-2 in the fortworth area , I have a mortgage on it, and i like to rent to own or lease to own any advise what is the best way without breaking any of this insane new laws? :-\


One way I heard: make the option period <6 months (180 days).

WOW that would be short :o , i was thinking more like 2 to 3 yrs to give a real chance to who ever gets in, 3 to 6 months is allmost equal to if they were buying outa there in the open market., but something could be better than nothing i guess, thank you :slight_smile:


  1. Owner places property in asset protection land trust.

  2. Property is leased to a co-beneficiary of the trust under a triple-net lease.

To comply with Texas law, the understanding exists that, at the end of the Agreement, the property will be sold to the Resident Co-Beneficiary at Fair Market Value, minus any and all sums owed to the Resident Co-Beneficiary. There is no “Option” per se; and there is no “bargain buy-out” provision other than “…at Fair Market Value, less amounts due the respective beneficiaries.”

Good luck.

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