How to do a transfer of title?

i want to do a transfer of title without using a lawyer.
Do i need a notary? Where do I get the appropriate forms? most importantly, what papers does the person who is transferring title need to sign?
can someone explain it briefly?

modified: nvm…I heard it’s very complicated, not only need a title search, also need a name search…

A lawyer can do this for a few hundred dollars and save you from many potential pitfalls. There is NO WAY you should attempt a kitchen table closing on your first deal. Get a lawyer…

Rich, i am not trying to close the deal myself :deal. i just want the seller to sign all the paper work required. well its complicated to explain, but i gave up the idea already. I just want to option the house now.

i just found out an execution search is required during a transaction. While i think the title on the property is clear, there may be execution against the seller. Does that prevent the seller from transferring the title to me?