How to deal with this problem?

I have a tenant who pay rent on time, however, I found she let 2 more people, who are not on lease, live with her. every time I ask her about this, she just says “they are just visiting her” but I know they actually live there, every day I go to the apartment I will see them.

I don’t have anything to prove they live there though. guys please share with your idea how to deal with this, I understand the eviction is an option, but do I have to do this?

thank you very much!

do what the state does look in the closets take pictures of the cloths that obviously aren’t hers and go to court

What does your lease say about other people moving into the apartment that aren’t on the lease?

thank you. but besides eviction , is there any other way for me to solve the problem?

On my lease it says this is definitely not permitted. however, I can not prove they live there.
maybe , because she is on a month to month lease now, I need to give her 30 day notice to
terminate the lease.

Since “private eyes” are expensive, I suggest you have a surveillamce system, taping the comings and goings. My dad had rented to a tenant, a party of 5, and suspected 15 people living there, but was ALSO told they’re visiting.

My dad waited outside the place, at 7:00AM, saw two teenage girls leaving for school not on the lease. He confronted the them, was told they don’t live there, but only stopped by at 6:30 from down the street to accompany their kids to school. My dad waited outside the next day at 6:30, saw no one coming to the place from down the street and asked them if these girls came by at 5;30am??

Do you have the time to play these games??

Tell tale signs would be the mail, if you have the patience to lurk around. If they get bills, drivers licenses there, they live there.

For Indian families, I’m told they visit 3 to 6 months at a time. In my leases, I define a visitor as someone not sleeping over for more than 2 weeks, and additonal rent is due per person for visitors exceeding the two weeks, and then only with the landlord’s written permission.

well, I really don’t have time to play games with those so called “visitors”, looks like they don’t have job, hanging around my apartment all day long. and I don’t like this . As I told them so many times, seems I have to terminate the lease , the only option to take.

You mentioned you have a lease??

I saw a “Peoples’ Court” case where “Mayor Koch of NYC” was playing the judge, and women was evicted, and sued. The landlord claimed she violated the lease by having an illegal roommate.

She claimed it was just a boyfriend comng by, sometimes stays there while she’s working to do cleanup, sometimes sleeps overnight, but only a visitor since he had his own place.

The judge ruled IN FAVOR of the tenant, and lambasted the landlord saying in this day and age, somebody of legal age can’t even have a boyfriend visit???

My dad finally threw those 5 to 15 people out after the lease expired. He refused to renew the lease.

In NYC, rent controlled tenants are REQUIRED to be given leases, and illegal sublets are common, and tenants are required to use the place as a “primary residence” with many violating even that rule. Landlords have to hire “private eyes” to follow these people around, track them to and from work, before evicting. Because they have to PROVE the illegal roommates are not just visitors.

If the landlords just saw someone not a tenant hanging around and evitcs, no proof, the tenant would just claim harassment of friends vistiing.

A friend of mine did that. With rent controlled apartment so cheap, they bought a house but kept the cheap apartment in town. The landlord wanted to evict them, and they just laughed and told the landlord to “prove it”.

Tell your tenant that you suspect these people have moved in, regardless of her story she has two options. They go on a month-month lease at a higher rent payment or you terminate her lease and everyone gets kicked out.