How to Deal with Multiple Offers When Selling a House

Alike me every house owner wants to maximize their home value while selling a house :cool . Sometimes, i think like selling a house can be more hectic than buying one :rolleyes . Luckily i am getting few offers to buy my house :biggrin . Is there any imperative strategies that you need to consider while getting multiple offers When Selling a House :slight_smile:


 In order to enlist multiple offers you first have to price the home correctly for the market, you need to market and advertise to drive a lot of traffic in a 3, 5 or 10 day period of time, have the right finishes and upgrades and it helps to be in a sellers market so buyers are fighting over limited inventory. 

If your getting multiple offers, once you know all active interest has made initial offers go back to each party or their agent and explain you have multiple offers and request best and final offers from each party by 24, 36, 48 hours to be received by you or your agent. Then select the best offer with terms, conditions and price that best meet your objectives.


Always consider the type of financing in the offers. VA loans are a pain to deal with, so even if the price is higher, it might not be worth the extra hoops you’ll have to jump through. Cash is king, but the offer will be lower. It depends on what’s most important to you. Speed, ease, price… Good luck!

Thank you Gold River and ReginaSMH you feedback is important for me

Buying and selling real estate can be some of the most stressful things in life. When dealing with multiple offers on the same property, a seller can quickly become overpowered and confused. Obviously the best thing to look for is which offer features the best price, terms and conditions. But it’s not always that simple. My friend was also dealing with this same situation, then he took commendation of a real estate attorney. Best thing is you should also take commendation from a proper attorney.

Good choice, but contacting to attorney is expensive somewhere. What will i get if i spend my money (getting from the highest price offer) on a attorney fee.