How to contact owners and lenders for short sale?

I am starting to find some potential short sale properties. I have been looking at some of the properties that are going up for auction and wanted to reach out the owners and lenders about my interest in purchasing thier home on a short sale.

Would it be wise to just send a REPC over to them and make an offer or letter of intent? If it’s a letter of intent what are some good items to include in the letter.

I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Thanks, Joe

Can someone elavorate more on short sales. I have been doing some reading, however, I still have much to learn .

  1. Can any property be bought through a short sale?
  2. Can you short sales on REO’s?
  3. Can you do a short sale on a pre-foreclosure or a foreclosure?
  4. Right way to prepare a short sale?

Thank you guys, you have been very helpful