how to contact loss mitigation dept URGENT HELP NEEDED

hi how do i contact the loss mitigation dept should I email them or call them I need to contact the hsbc loss mitigation dept and what should be my approach should I tell them to give me information on what I need to submit for a short sale please URGENT HELP NEEDED
thank you for the help I really appreciate it

Go here

Call the number and ask to speak to loss mitigation.

You’ll need your client’s income and expenditure, the reason why you want to do a short sale, client’s hardship letter, list of repairs needed to the house to make it saleable, and the nuts to offer them about 40% of the current balance. Oh, and a purchase and sale contract, and a HUD-1.

They’ll probably laugh when you make the first offer, just keep talking.

Let’s not forget the first thing he’ll need:

Authorization to release mortgage info from the homeowner.

Without this, they won’t discuss the account with you. They may give you the requirements they have for a short sale, but they won’t discuss the mortgage account without an authorization signed by the homeowner in default.

Faster way would be to get the paper from the homeowner. That is the starting point for me. I call the 800 # to get the fax #. Sometimes the loss mitt is already assigned and their name would be at the bottom of the paper as well