How to contact a cash buyer

I have a list of cash purchases for REO’s since the 1st of 2013. Once I have owner information, what is the best way to contact them about available wholesale deals?

Should I mail them something?

Find their number and call them?

Want to hear what other peoples thoughts are?

You’ll probably want to contact them as directly as possible. I’d try and call them first, and if that doesn’t work send them an email.

Definitely call them and talk to them if you have a number.

Calling is a good idea if you have the number. Also don’t rule out mailing a physical letter. This is something that’s not done to much anymore as the art of hand writing a letter has gone the way side.

However, a personally addressed hand written envelope will get their attention and get them reading. Clearly state what you want to say and include your contact info.

You can also follow up with an email a few days after the hard copy has arrived. :beer

Just give them a call and ask. They are always happy to hear what deals are available especially if you have it sorted in an email and the ability to share the contact information of the seller so they can directly contact them. Try websites thats advertise a list of cash buyers.