How to Co-Wholesale A Commercial Building, Shopping Center, Etc?

How can I help a large nationwide commercial real estate brokerage sell their buildings and shopping centers. They have a “team” of realtors. Can I joint venture with those realtors to help find a buyer?

Im an investor, not a realtor. Example: I blast up the internet & social media with a certain property, do I add my “commission” on top of their asking price or do I leave price as is and earn a cut of the realtors commissions that I use to wrap up the deal?

What do the realtors make? 3-6%? what can I “earn” as a %age? how do I not get cut out of the deal when my buyers want financials and want to go for a walk thru of a property or want to drive by and maybe bother the tenants?


Pardon me for being a fart in your sleeping bag here, but…

You’re gonna be just about as popular with these professionals, unless you possess a commercial real estate license.

Unless, of course…

  1. The listing agents are abject stooges, as in the 3 Stooges.
  2. The properties are completely unmarketable.
  3. Working as a “Finder” and making .50/hr is OK.

Forget the guerrilla-style workarounds. Just get your license, and then demonstrate yourself to be the marketing, miracle-worker of the ages.

Ok lets say I got my commercial real estate license. My nationwide brokerage firm has all of the commercial properties online. Can I sell any property in any state or am I limited to my licensed state? I pick property “X” to help find a buyer for. I find buyer. Buyer wants financials and walk thru, Do I have to go thru another realtor at the brokerage that wants a cut or is it controlled by the main manager that doesn’t want any $ and I get to keep the entire 3-6%?

How is it recorded within the brokerage that this buyer is mines? Incase the buyer calls the 1-800 number on the website and a new rookie picks up or a veteran realtor picks up the phone and takes my buyer?


The simple answer: You can only broker properties in the states you have licenses in. No license? No brokering.

The workaround: You secure an option to buy the property. The terms of the option can be anything, including the same terms as a listing agreement.

The difference: You’re now acting as a principle in the transaction. As a result, you can market the deal anywhere, to anyone, because you’re effectively ‘the seller’ (including listing the property).