how to buy a mortgage foreclosed of Big office building in CO?

I’d like to buy a big office building with a lot of equity[b][/b] in CO.

I heard that I can buy a mortgage foreclosed to own a Big office Building.

Unlike residential property or small commercial property,

I have no idea about where I can get that kind of information.

Help me~!!!

Thank you so much in advance!! :help

It’s not that complicated. You’ll just need to approach the owner of the mortgage (more than likely a bank) and see if they’d sell it to you. All you will get is a yes or no answer, easy enough. Obviously if it’s a bank, you will need to do a little digging and find out who is in charge of asset dispositions…probably a vice president or something.

And also to buy something like that, you will probably need to pay all cash.

To find out who owns the first lien on the property, try doing a title search on the property. Good luck!