How to build wealth for investor buyers.

Hi my name is Kevin. I am a wholesaler in the DFW area. And I have come to find out what investor buyers are looking for when working with wholesalers to buy properties. Investor buyers are looking for wholesalers with the ability to bring them consistent deals that they could maximize profits in either fix and flip or hold. CONSISTENCY is the key. That being said a good wholesaler must be organized, diligent and reliable. These traits are what’s most valuable to an investor buyer when working with an wholesaler to find them the right deals. Organization: Having a winning technique and system that allows that wholesaler to find the very best deals. Diligence: This also goes along with organization; having the correct systems in place to move quickly and efficiently. Reliability: coupled with the other traits is an unbeatable combo; Basically building a rapport with your investor buyers and proving that when you say you will do something, you will move heaven and earth to make it happen. This is how you create wealth and value for your investors.