How to Break a Real Estate Contract?

I listed my house for sale with Century 21 about 35 days ago. The listing agreement was for 180 days. Is there any way that i can get out of that? after going into more detail on my options with this house, it seems that i can be most profitable by doing a refinance at 70% LTV and then rent it out at a positive cash flow of about $110 per month. How can i get out of my sale contract without getting hit with penalties and whatnot. I am not doing this to switch realtors or do a for sale by owner. Thanks

Read through the contract and see what the clause is for early termination could be as simple as paying them back the marketing fee’s.

This is not only a state by state issue but a Realtor by Realtor issue.

                   Good luck to you! 


It should not be difficult as long as you are not going with some other realtor to sell it.

Read your contract carefully.