How to best use voice mail/menu system for leads?

Hi, I have a menu-driven voice mail system, PBNext, that I purchased from a Lou Brown event. I was under the impression that it is great for helping prescreen suspects from prospects. Considering that Lou Brown endorses it and his students seem to like it a lot, is there a way to optimize use of this? I have been getting a lot of calls from my marketing and the people have been going past the menus and to my voice mail. The number of calls I need to make back to people have been growing on a list, 8 pages of backed up call backs now and growing.

Is there a better way to use PBNext or any other voice mail/menu system to filter out these leads or am I going to have to switch to another system, like PatLive, that has a live operator? TIA.

Whats the quality of the leads that you are getting first of all? You will get the same result from any system you use since those who call PatLive or similar will leave their message with an operator nothing more.

From what I understand about Patlive, the benefit is you can have them take more than just a name and number. You can have them take down all the info like ARV, asking price, needed repairs, address, name, amount owed…etc. You can basically give them a script.

That’s a huge benefit compared to a VM system or someone taking a message.

The big benefit of a person vs a voicemail system is that many people tend to hang up on voicemail and not leave a message. The live system you get all of those calls that would have otherwise not been in contact with you.