How to best get paid from assigning option contract

I have an option for 230K on a SFR. I am handling the sale to a retail buyer. If I get my price of 285K (3% below asking) my assignment fee will be 55K. This is a large sum for a retail buyer to see (of course the retail buyer won’t realize I have 25K in rehab costs to recover). My question is this: Is there another way to close this transaction so that the buyer doesn’t see such large $$ figures being transferred to me at closing? I want the deal to go as smoothly as possible.
And if you’re wondering why I would put 25K into a property I only have an option on, I go back 30 years with the seller and there is a LOT of trust here. Normally I would not do it this way.
thanks for the help,

Howdy Matt:

Get title company to put only the buyers side of the HUD statement on their form and not your proceeds or costs etc. They do not have to see your information. You can even have them close first and then you close or any way you like.

You can also create a note from the seller to you and then record it or give it to the title company to pay off.

I am sure there are other creative ways as well, I am feeling a bit uncreative right now.

I, too have put money into an option before I own it. It’s fun, like gambling but I only lose if I don’t follow through. If the seller doesn’t follow through, I have recourse to recover. Haven’t had to yet. (I even got keys and started rehab before a closing.) That was a little overboard.

I have heard stories about buyers being upset at seeing a large chunk of change go to a middle man in an assigned transaction.

I don’t know if this is a valid option. Can you make yourself or your llc, etc a lein holder on the property so the majority of your proceeds appears to be a mortgage payoff which appears in the loan payoff line of the HUD? It doesn’t change anything dollarwise, but it may appear that you had a lender’s stake in the property instead of a windfall. Just thinking out loud.