How to Become a Wholesale Millionaire

My new book, got it on Amazon for 17 buks. A step by step guide on how to build an automated wholesale business in any market all from you computer.
The author lays it out in a simple plan, recruiting RE Agents in dif cities and making tons of offers.
Also using key words to search ads for distressed sellers.
'See you at the top" Zig Zigler.
Let’s make some MONEY



  You wrote a book Rando?


Haha, no, I purchased this book, I’m not yet a millionaire.

Just by reading some books cannot make us millionaires.

The knowledge can, if, you take action.

It’s fine to buy a book and read. It is good that you feed your mind with knowledge. Just make sure that you take steps as well so you can apply what you have learned from those books you’ve read. :wink:

The guy who wrote that book lives in my area, he speaks at my local REIA. I can attest he definitely does exactly what he teaches in that book. Wholesales straight off the MLS and makes a ton of money doing it.

Wow, this is interesting! So, there is really a formula im becoming a millionaire? Well, I am sure that aside from the guidance and tips from the book, we also need much more than what is written like motivation, hardwork and LUCK. :slight_smile: So you think I need to buy separate books for these? Haha! Just kidding.

Thank you for the information, will check the book and author online.

Is that the name of the book, or is it different? I wanted to look it up on Amazon. Thanks buddy.

How to become a Wholesale Millionaire By Mark Lane

I’m going to read it again. I’ve made a commitment to read 2 books a month on Real Estate and Self Improvement.

Just finished " The Magic of Thinking Big " David Schwartz Incredible Book Change your Attitude, change your life.

And I just started “What to say When You Talk to Yourself” Shad Helmstetter

Invest in yourself, with an education. Guaranteed to Pay of big in a better life.

Let’s make some Money…