How to become a local REI club member

Hi all,

I’m new here and would like to know more how to join a local REI club, in my case it is New York.
Is it a particular forum that I can subscribe to or is it better to go in person at club locations?
I feel that finding a good starting deal to invest into is very important and by communicating with other local members would be better.
So again, my plan is first to become a member of local REI club.

Go in person - definitely! Real estate investing is NOT an internet based business.


To find the clubs in your area just check out “Real Estate Clubs” under “Investor Resources” on this site.

Make friends with the “real-life” investors. Maintain a consistent attendance which will prove to others that you are serious and that will open up doors for networking which in turn will open up opportunities.

You didn’t say where in New York…but New York has many Real Estate Investment Clubs. If there is more than one REIA in your area I would suggest attending a meeting at each location and then joining the one that you feel is the best fit for you.

I have collected a nationwide list of the very best REI Clubs over the past 4 yrs. Where in NY are you and what larger cities are you near and I will post the best one closest to you to help you out.

I agree with this. I’ve only been to two meetings, but they were well worth the trip. The group I was attending dissolved when the group’s creator moved, so I’m looking for another one.