how to attract investors

I would like to borrow money from private investors
to purchase fixer properties.
I think I’d have less hoops to jump through than if I borrowed hard money (points, prepay penalties and limited term).
My question is, how do you find private investors and how do you make a proposal, ie; how much interest do you offer on the use of their money, 5 year term ok, no points/interest only ok?
Has anyone here ever went this route?
If so how did you do it?
Any tips or advice would be appreciated.



Best way is to do deals, get experience, and have deals to wholesale. Private investors want to see a track record of returns before they risk their money on you. After you’ve developed a trusted relationship with them, most people offer 12% returns minimum.

Is there really a difference between private investors and hard money lenders? Aren’t they both private?