How to approach Homeowners to create an assemblage

Hi Guys,

I am an agent and a developer and I want to approach about 24 homeowners in a subdivision to try to create an assemblage. What has been the most successful approach for you? Should I send a letter then follow up with a phone call? Do I tell them I’m an agent, a developer, both or none? I thought by law I have to say I’m an agent but I don’t want that to scare them away.

What is an assemblage? What are you trying to do?


I may be in the wrong forum, I’m new to this. An assemblage is assembling many properties for a development. Basically, I need to convince 24 homeowners to sell their home to me at market rate.

What do you do then–scrape them or re-furbish them? What an interesting idea.

Also, don’t worry about being new. The big boys and girls will hammer you if you post dumb stuff, but hearing a new idea (for me) like this is what it’s all about. Have you “assembled” before?

My 2 cents as a non-developer: Disclose, disclose, disclose. Tell them you are buying to make a profit on the work that you will do. Everyone understands that. Maybe they will be happy to have a buyer during this national slump. Please tell us more.