How to answer this question from my Birddogs?

I have been working with several Birddogs and a common question I get is “How do I know when a house sells and you will pay me.”

The only answer I can give them is that it wouldn’t make sense for me not to pay you if you are bringing me leads. It seems like they want some type of reassurance.

Please give me some suggestion to put my new Birddogs at ease.

Honestly, that means you did not establish good credibility with them or built enough reputation. Ask them what type of guarantee do they want?


These are birddogs that have called from a newspaper ad. I get this question a lot initially. Maybe I need a better intro script.

I would have asked the same question,

You could pay them a flat fee per lead, or you could offer to teach them to do what you do for a % of their profit. That could be a nice little business, tell them you find the deals, we will research them together, and write an offer together, and split the profits. Just imagine if you had 10 bird dogs doing this. And what if each brought you a deal a month. Not bad, If your worried about competiton have them sign a non-compete clause for 12 months if they ever leave you.

Just my 2 cents. I would work with someone who made me that kind of offer, showed me the ropes and I still get paid. It’s a good deal.

I tell them the same thing that you do, but have never been questioned or doubted even once, so they must be sensing some kind of a insecurity in your voice.

Have you done any deals yet?

Thats exactly what I was getting at. People can sense if they are dealing with a newbie or a professional most of the time. You need to make them feel they will get steady income by birddogging from you, so why would you stiff them for a single lead?

tell them “because I do this for a living, and I finding quality help is more important than stiffing someone with $500. My problem however, most people who call are just wannabie and are not hard workers. You get paid for your hard work. if you like, we can put that in writing and you will have to agree not to send the leads to anyone else but me in writing”.