How to achieve a short time-frame closing?

I’m looking to close deals within 10 to 15 days…not the typical 30 days that conventional financing usually requires.

I think this fact alone…that I can close in such a time frame…will better convince a desperate seller that he/she should go with me to close the deal so that they are assured of their funds sooner and wrapup of their headaches in short order.

For those that successfully use this tactic…would really appreciate your input as to how you consummate a deal like this…whether using cash or other means.

Also would like to know what things to be weary of…when acting more hastily like this.


Capital One offers 10-14 day closings. Just go to their website.

There are plenty of lenders that can close a loan in 10-14 days. As long as the buyer is prepares for the purchase by having their documentation ready two weeks is plenty of time unless you are in a rural area where title and appraisal can take forever. For example in Kaufman county, Texas it takes about 21 days to get a title commitment. But if you can get around that obstacle you should be fine. Order title and appraisal immediately, have your insurance agent lined up and ready to provide a binder, and have all your documentation up to date and ready to go. A GOOD broker can get a loan closed in a week.

If you are using cash, fast closing is not a problem. It’s just the title search that can delay things. Find an attorney or title company that does it in house for a faster turn around.
Conventional banks can do a 2 week close if you have all your docs ready to go and submitted right away. The issue with bank financing is that appraisals and commitment letters can be what delay the closing (along with the title).

Another thing that delays conventional financing is a persons credit, first home purchase with payment shock, exceptions by the underwriter needing letter and a broker that waits for the buyer to type them and get them back, OH AND a UNDERWRITTER WITH A BUG UP THEIR ASS THAT DAY!!!

Fast closing is usually done by using HML or buying sub2/owner financing. If you are going conventional loan, then you have to adhere to the lender’s time frame.