How should I start off my path to real estate?

I am 16, and planning on going in real estate because it seems like hard work in that business pays off compared to other places and because I am very persuasive.
When I start my junior year at my high school… I have about 2 free clases what do you think I should take that will help me with real estate?
I am going to go to “cal state san bernardino” after I graduate high school. So what clases do you guys suggest I should take there and what should I major in… that will ultimately help me with my real estate journey.
What are some private real estate clases I can take?

Accounting and any business course you can take.

good questions. god i wish i was as smart as you seem at your age.

anyhow, i’m a school counselor. i shake my head all the time in dismay because so many young adults just don’t have a clue.

clearly, you have a good idea of what you want. you want wealth. you want assets that will help you generate that wealth.

first, your number one asset is your mind. your next asset is time. you have both - that’s good.

first, go to your local library and take out a few books on CD or tape about investing. Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki - they talk about wealth. also, take out a book or two on being an entrepenuer.

the key to your future is focusing on being SELF RELIANT. when you go to college, don’t DEPEND so much on others for information or money. try and go out and while your taking classes, do something with your time that will help you develop certain skills.

try sales. telemarketing, door to door whatever. see if you can get a part time job in a mortgage company, like filing, answering phone calls, typing. whatever.

oh yeah - take a TYPING COURSE. out of all the classes i ever took in High Screwl - the best, by far was TYPING.

anyhoot. basically, make yourself a schedule and do things OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM. be a “mover and a shaker”, not a book worm.

you learn about yourself not by taking tests and getting A’s - that is all good, but you learn about how smart, tough and creative you are when you DO.

as far as formal education - in college - study business, finance and law. take as many classes in these areas as possible, short of actually becoming a lawyer or CPA - although that wouldn’t hurt - but it’s a lot of education, especially the lawyer part. as far as high school - just bang out your classes there. maybe a shop class might be helpful - in building things. i would just hit the public library!

above all - for college, DO NOT stick yourself in debt to the federal government by taking out huge amounts of student loans. this is important.

study real estate, financing, law, business and create something. start your own business BEFORE you graduate college. even if it is some very low risk internet merchandise sales.


dont’ depend on anyone else but God and yourself. think of the bum in the street - yeah he’s a bum, but he’s a SURVIVOR. he FINDS food. sure he begs for it, but somehow, he must FIND IT to survive. he FINDS shelter. sure it may be under a bench or thick tree, but he must in order to simply SURVIVE. that’s self-reliance. it’s survival.

learn how to solve problems [BE A SURVIVOR] on your own - and you can build wealth from anything.

[note - doing “it” on your own or self-reliance DOES NOT mean not utilizing people around you to accomplish goals. in fact it means the exact opposite. look at Bill Gates. he had a team of people around him. but it took HIS vision to assemble that team and focus their energies.

that’s what i’m talking about!

good luck!