How old is the listing?

Is there any way to find out how long property has been on the market with out going through realtor? When I look at the property on I do not see any information about it. I am sure realtor has different veiw and they can find out.

If you keep current on what’s going on in your target market, you can tell approximately how old it is by the MLS#…here in this area they are currently in the 672XX range…I know anything above 65000 is relatively new, anything older than 60000 is getting really old. Otherwise, you need to ask a Realtor what the DOM for the property is…


i would also add, sometimes properties are relisted, either with a new agent, or with a hiatus or just to give it a fresh number and show up on hot sheets. in this case as a nonmls member there is not a way to find out. if you are an mls member, some databases allow for history tracking.

Realtors® only know when it’s tracked in MLS.

I may not have been clear, Realtor’s databases (only they can access) sometimes allow for history tracking.

MLS is usually the only “realtor database” that we have limited access to because we’re agent/broker members of the board. They almost always track days on market and I’m not aware of any that don’t. I’m not sure what other databases you mean besides Loopnet and other member-based listing services.

When there is a listing in any database, MLS, Loopnet, etc., it’s usually the case that only paying members get access to the days on market calculation and/or actual date the listing was posted.

i am in dallas, rappatoni has a great history ability, that goes way back, thats what i am referring to…something comparable. marketlinx is not always as easy to get a history of property as far back.

For commercial loopnet shows when was the property listed even for non member.

ask the seller how long it’s been on the market???

if you don’t have access to good active listings, pending sales and closed sales a good real estate agent may be worth their commission and end up saving you money in the long run.


Why not ask to a neighbour? He should know since when is the adjacent property for sale, for sure.

What’s the reason for not going through a Realtor to find out the listing date?

I really do not want to call realtor to find out how old the listing is. For commercial property I just look at the listing at loopnet, analyze it and make up my mind before calling anybody. If I am looking at 20 proeperties I do not want to call realtor and find out when it was listed unless I have to.