How old are you?

I’ve heard quite a few people say “dang, i wish I would have gotten started in this business at a younger age…”

How old are you guys/gals? And at what age did you get into this business?

I’m 22 years old and I’m a server/bartender(hopefully not much longer).
I just started educating myself about two months ago and I hope to complete either a birddong deal or wholesale deal in the next few months :biggrin

I just turned 20 about 3 months ago, so you are not to old to start investing in real estate. I started about less than a year ago, and I never started of thinking of getting rich quickly. If you are confident of doing a couple deal in the next few months, very good. But get into the mentality of getting rich quickly. You will never make money or get rich in real estate that way, getting rich takes time and effort. First, I invested in my education in real estate before i started in the business. It is never to late to start investing.

I’m 21 and I’m currently working on my first deal. :deal I’ve been interested in real estate since I was 19. I’m happy to have found Just wanted to say Thanks for such a helpful, Fun site!!! :shocked

Im at the delightful age of 16.

Wow good for you I never saw so many young people interested in real estate. I’m truly impressed I think this age group that is in there 20’s are gonna do amazing things in there life time. They have been exposed to so many things with computers and seem more focused than I ever was at that age.

I agree. You are definately not to young. I’m 24 years old and have been involved in Real Estate Investing full-time for 3 years now!!

Thanks for the words of encoragement

hey there everyone, i just reciently turned 22 myself. i have been learning about real estate for about a year now and i am working on my first deal now. it took me awhile to get over the fear of doing this business for a number of reasons but i now have great systems in place for my financial success. I am currently mentoring under a really successful invester here in greensboro NC and i have found myself surrounded with people that are anxious to see me succeed like themselves! Just out of curiosity, were any of you guys out there home schoolers, like myself?