How often to contact owners?

Last week I made calls to owners of vacant houses. No one was home, so I left messages. I haven’t heard anything back yet, so should I give it a few more days and try again? Should I back up the phone calls with letters now or wait a week or 2? TIA!

I don’t have much experience in this kind of thing but I would try calling back. People tend not to return calls right away and eventually forget (especially if it’s not a friend or family).

I wholesaled a vacant house this year & here’s what I did: I called the owner about 2 times in about a 7 day period. When I didn’t get a return call, I actually went over to their residence on a Saturday. Then I followed up with a phone call that Monday.

The owner spoke to me that Monday. We built a report, then I got a signed contract & flipped it.

In my experience, it really doesn’t pay to leave messages. When you do leave a message and then call back a few times and especially if you leave a few messages, you end up being “that” person, and no one likes “that” person. Just try at a few different times during the day, and I personally will only leave a message as a last resort.

This experience is just in general phone business – not necessarily as it pertains to real estate, but it’s always served me well.

How did you do your wholesale? Did you just offer and assign it, or did you do a double closing? I’m just curious as to how other people are doing their wholesales.

I wholesaled it via a double closing. I just worked out better with my end buyer, and for me b/c I really didn’t want people to know what my profit was.