How often to call a seller?

I sent a seller an offer to buy his home. I have tried to follow up with him but it has been 2 days and he has not returned my calls. Should I be worried? Does it mean the seller is not motivated enough? How long should I wait to try to call him again? Your help is much appreciated.

Avoid looking like a motivated buyer. I just had an acquaintance offer to sell me his childhood home now that his parents have passed on. My wife and I took a look at it, but it took me about 10 days to get back to him. We were trying to decide if we wanted to buy another project now or not…as well as me working full time, MBA classes, running our business, etc.
It may not mean anything one way or another that he hasn’t replied in two days.

I set up a follow up sequence every 2 to 3 weeks over a 3 months period. Usually either I get a response or feedback that they are not interested.
If your follow up is professional and it shows that you are an active investor, who is organized and persistent, there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you look professional and willing to help.
Sellers are motivated at different times for different reasons, so letting them know that you are available and keeping your presence known, will give you an edge over other potential buyers.

I have a follow up system for follow up calls. After the first phone call, if there is no contract signed we send an LOI. Then We call them back every 3 weeks. You get a lot of deals this way as people’s motivations change and you are the only one contacting them.

i use gmail calendar to set reminders for me via text and email to followup with clients. make sure to include a phone number in the text that you can dial via the text

Thanks, guys, these are great tips.