How NOT to succeed in Real Estate

I wrote this for my buddy Rich whom I’ve been trying to help. Maybe you will find it comical and perhaps useful.

                                How NOT to Succeed in Real Estate

Never read any books, listen or watch any videos or MP3’s on Real Estate wholesaling & investing.
Refuse to take a class on improving computer skills.
Refuse to learn salesmanship and people skills.
Refuse to read and learn anything about improving your mindset and motivation.
Refuse to learn about how body posture and tone of voice and enthusiasm effects your life and money making capabilities.
Refuse to acknowledge you may have a bad attitude and be stubborn and argumentive.
Dwell on past mistakes and hold grudges over lost deals.
Keep pouring effort and time into a dead end job.
Continue to make excuses and don’t give Real Estate more than a 10% effort.
Continue to focus on mediocre, bad or dead deals instead of going after new ones.
Continue to spend money on Restaurants and new vehicles instead of using that money for marketing.
Never take advice from somebody more successful than you.
Refuse to forgive people that have wronged you.
Stay grouchy and unhappy, make life miserable for your family and others.
Never give compliments and praise to anybody.
Don’t take time to listen and always over talk reasons why your right and they are wrong.

To Succeed in Real Estate, do the opposite of the above

Indecision will bring any man to his knees!

Doing…taking action…is the key ingredient to success in real estate investing as it is in any other endeavor.

I strive to be 51% accurate or higher with my decision making…if you are wrong then in an instance, make another decision…if you are 51% accurate or better, you are winning!

Hope this helps.


Rob, that is seminar quality feedback right there.

It really is more about decisions. We can always make a decision.
Few are final, or fatal. Even doing ‘nothing’ still ends up as a decision.

So, then it’s about ‘taking [any] action’ besides doing nothing, that breaks the inertia of indecision, and helps get us get on our way.

Chesterton said, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.”

I completely agree. And then we can rely on this adage, “Practice makes perfect.”

Great post. Much appreciated.

HAHA I’ve used that approace many times, do something even if its wrong.

Thanks for the encouraging words!


LOL. That was funny

Action is king always - There’s a ton of REI’s reading, listening, reading, listening, reading, listening…

While some knowledge is good, getting out finding deal and looking at houses gives you a lot more knowledge and understanding.

When i first got interested in investing, I literally "wasted real estate agents time, to show me a hell lot of houses. I used the time to build some relationships with some of them and getting a much better feel for the market. One thing is looking at online ads, another things is seeing houses and the value put on them. It likewise teach you some of the things to look out for when getting to your first deals.

Kind Regards