How much would you rent these for?

I know I basically already posted this, but I will include pictures this time… this RV park is in a small town with no similar properties… I only knew how much to rent them for based on what the previous owners had done… and I have had some luck raising the rents… Currently, I raise the rents just because I want to at times… I have no idea the condition of the economy or anything like that…

How would you decide how much to rent these units for?

This is nicer than what I had pictured from your descriptions. However, what I’m seeing is ‘apartments’ with a bad lawn maintenance contract. Think ‘garden apartments.’ I would surround each space with hedges that provide a sense of privacy, but also a sense of pride. Depending on how much you want to move away from ‘daily rental’ appearance, you may want to pour individual pads, and provide some custom skirting for each vehicle. I’m just guessing here.

Meanwhile, there is literally no way for anyone to advise you on what to ask in rents. It all depends on your market and the demand. You’ll just have to run ads and test the results. Each rental will be different, because each rental has something different to offer.

I would ask someone with an eye for landscape design to give you some ideas on how to transform this is into an actual “park” where people rent space, rather than rent trailers in a “park,” as it were. I think you’ve got the basic elements, but the the grounds look ‘unintentional’ at this point.

I see that there’s an awning over one of you spaces already. Can this be done elsewhere.

Anyway, what’s up the building with the two entry doors? Don’t tell me this is a duplex!?

If the rest of the equipment looks this good, I can see lots of potential without any upgrading.

How is each rental so different? Don’t they offer the same thing? A certain amount of heated, air-conditioned space with a certain number of bedrooms and working appliances?

I just rented those two in the pictures for $150/week just today. It’s not a duplex, it just has two doors.

I don’t know. You showed only two rentals. A cabin and a trailer.

Of course, not. Each offers it’s own unique appearance, comfort level, and location.

Then you know what the market will bear on those ‘units.’ Is this more, or less, than what you were getting previously?

Previously, I was getting $400/month for each of them. These were tenants left over from the previous owners and we just went with what they had.

I’ll post pictures of the whole park shortly.