How much would it cost to build this 4plex in your area

This is a general question to the building contractors out there. I know that there are a ton of variables to consider, but I was wondering if you could give me a general quote of how much it would cost to build this 4 plex in your area. Below is the link to a 4plex design that I’m interested in. Thank you in advance for the answer


$75 dollars per square foot!

$660k total estimated!


400/500k construction cost.

Obviously just by looking at the image and floor plan it may not be accurate but this is approx what I will charge from material used outside. I am actually starting demo on a new 5 unit commercial property. Due to use of metal decks, c-channels, I-beams and concrete slabs I have won a bid for $80/sqft excluding electrical. Hope this helps