How much to pay to distribute doorhangers?

How are people compensating independent contractors for hanging doorhangers? Hourly? Per house? If per house, how much do you pay?

thanks much!

First thing I would consider is how successful your last campaign was. How many calls per hundred hangers did you get? How many deals did you get from the calls? I’d go per peice if it were me rather than hourly. Hourly employees are lazy, if you motivate someone with more money for more effort you’ll have better effort on the part of the “contractors.” By contractors are you talking about adults or hiring kids that are of that paper route age?

Good question. I haven’t conducted a door-hanger campaign yet, so don’t have results to base it on. I also have heard that per piece makes more sense. I’m just trying to get a good sense as to how many houses a person can do an hour and would like to hear what other people have been able to accomplish.

How many house per hour can vary between areas, in rural areas or where people might have long driveways/walkways and the houses more spread apart you’d be looking at a lot lower number per hour. In that case for the extra walking I’d compensate the person a little better per hanger. I’d think in most situations an average person hustling a little can hang 100 per hour. I’d maybe do $0.25 each for an adult to do it and $0.15 or so for a kid to do it. If they are quick that’s not a bad hourly rate ($15-25/hr). Also maybe not so bad for you either, $15-25 for 100 people to see it isn’t so bad. It would probably cost you more mail them and a postcard might not get as much attention as a door hanger. Also be sure to have a real good pitch on the the hanger. (see the guy’s thread that was talking about using gift cards, I liked that idea) Or maybe something like “Facing foreclosure? Call me, I can help! I’ll also pay your moving expenses (up to $500) if I buy your house!” Yeah, it’s $500 out of your pocket but if you make $10k on the deal it’s worth the money if they pick up the phone and call you. :wink:

Call your local boy scout chapter! Here, in Colorado, we make a “donation” to the troop (they give us the number, but its a write-off which is nice) to distribute to a farm. Each troop has different rules and the sort, but I’d really look into church youth groups, etc because they are always fundraising for something and can use the cash! In high school, many moons ago, we passed out coupons for a local pizza joint to help fund the prom.

Good idea.

Thanks! I’d like to think I’m full of them! ;D

I’m full of something, not sure what though. ???

Excellent idea.

Does the door hanger thing really work?
I would be curious to see the response rate on this type of marketing.

we are interested in getting cash flow so whatwe’re doing is taking a heloc on a piece of property we own and going far far away where cashflow is still evident.( the only cashflow in south florida these days is from the tourists and we dont really want to sell bikini’s and tanning oil) But in order for it to be lucrative to travel we thought of opening a coin op buisness like laundromat or arcade (min. maintnence) .How did we know what to invest in you ask? First we scoured the internet for some really good looking demographics of an area we believe is on the brink of explosion then we literally got on a plane , me, my wife and dad and we flew to the area and took a week and drove around to several cities and studied the demographics talking to the tax appraisers ,realtors ,store owners, residents any person we came in contact with in every town to see who wanted what and what was missing from each town .We found a town with minimal resourses for everyday things (except walmart)
and we took out a Quarter page add in the local newspaper asking the town to vote on a list of businesses we would be willing to open to see what they want.Cant wait to see the results. ;D

So, has anyone had any results with door hangers?

How many did you put out?
What kind of response did you get?
How many deals did it produce?


I used to have a circular distribution company after learning the business from some real pros. I am new to real estate though but am going to advertise door to door. I have no idea if it works in real estate but I would imagine it could. It is a very powerful way to advertise.
What is on you circular has a lot to do with your success, how you write it etc. I saw some circulars do great and some not so good in the same business in the same neighborhood .
A door hanger type of circular, one that has a hook to hang on the door, costs a lot more than a circular on a piece of paper which is just as effective. Don’t let the printer talk you into a door hanger to make him more money. It usually falls off the door anyway, about 10-15%. It is much better to rubber band to the door knob a regular circular or tape it to the door knob or glass if you want the homeowner to see right off.
The going rate in Dallas is .10 a circular if you use a company . Ten thousand is $1000 plus the cost of your circular. If you go out with someone else, 2 circulars on the door, the rate is about .07. The big companies do that. H&H I believe is nationwide and a very good company. Most are not so check their refernces.
If you hire your own people you could pay .06-.07 a circular and paying by the circular makes the guy walk faster than an hourly employee. It is important so the circular doen’t fall off to rubber band the circulars on door knobs or tape it on glass or brass not paint or you will be painting doors .

All companies rubber band the circular if they know what they are doing so that is a way to check to see if they are real.
The average person that is experienced (some of my guys have done it for 10 years) average 100 or more per hour. An inexperienced person would do about 70-80 per hour but it depends a lot on the type of neighborhoods. That is just an everage. It is not good business to hang doors with No Soliciting signs or profitable as some cities fine you.
Some will throw your circulars away so check up on them and when you get one good regular treat him good as he will keep coming back to get his beer and drug money but will work good.
One way I try to save money is not use a letter size 8 1/2 by 11 but put 2 on a legal size paper which I buy at Office Max in bulk for .035 per sheet. Then my circular is less than .02 and is big enough to put what I want on it.
If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them on door hanging. That is about all I can answer at with experience.

Another idea I’ve been meaning to try is custom post it notes. They’re small, light, and are quick to put up.

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