How much to pay Bird Dogs?

I’m sure this question has come up before.

I’ve been advertising for bird dogs recently, and one bird dog sent me a lead that was too high at first but the seller got motivated and dropped the price from 12k to 5k, and we negotiated it to 4k and wholesaled it for 7.5k

My ad stated a minimum 250.00 per closed lead.
however some investors I talk to say this is too low to keep people interested, others say do a tiered system.
Ie: first deal 250, second 500, or bonus system.

While they did bring me the lead, they did not contract it, advertise it, or bring the buyer.

I want to be fair and not over or underpay, not just this person, but create a uniform system. If i can get 3 deals at 3,500 from bird dogs a year Thats an extra 9-10k in my pocket.

what about a flat 10% bird dog fee?

so on a deal like that one they will make $350…not bad for a smaller deal

now let’s say they bring you a deal that nets $10,000 - they get a grand…that sounds fair

I pay $5 per lead.

I would think that if they would have contracted it, advertised it and found a buyer…they would just wholesale it themselves.
That’s what a bird dog does. Points you in the right direction so that you can go and do the work on a good lead.
I agree with 10%. I think that’s very fair and it keeps them motivated too.

Just Jim

I usually suggest at least $1,000 or 10%, whichever is more. I agree, you have to keep your Bird Dogs motivated and make their time worth while. Also if you have a particularly good Bird Dog, you might want to offer a Bonus after 3 deals or so. Good luck!

I usually work with other bird dogs (lead finders) and i share 20% of my profits with them pr/successful deal.

NSI, are you wholesaling or buying and holding or flipping?

I pay what I can afford to pay cause each deal has a different margin. The goal is to get birddogs to call you first vs. other investors. If you were offering to pay 10K for a birddog fee upon a successful closing who do you think would get the calls first?
You offering 1K or me offering 10K? Even if I don’t pay a 10K cause there wasnt enough margin for that and I could only pay 3K (or whatever) then that birddog still made more working with me.

Its all about getting the calls vs. others,


Whatever the seller’s situation dictates, however I’m not holding anything at this time. All cooperative assignments, mortgage assignments, and/or wholesaling.

$250 on a deal that netted you $3500 seems reasonable to me - if the bird dog was good and bringing me lots of leads, I might give them $500 on this deal.

Bird dogs are like sellers - you should be always looking for more…

Here in the San Antonio area I pay 1% or a minimum of $500 at closing. The better the deal, the more the bird dog makes. As stated above, its all about getting the call before someone else.

I think it depends on how much they put in. At least $500 if the net profit is decent.