How much success have you had with private lending luncheons?

Alan Cowgill recommends that we do luncheons to find private lenders. I tried this once at a local hotel and got nothing out of it except an empty room and a bill. Have anyone on this forum had any success with this approach? Is there a better one that you would recommend?

I am planning to do my first one in Jan. I have done my presentation to smaller groups, one on ones, current friends and investors and have had some success. I am partnering with a gal from Entrust who speaks about Self Directed IRAs. She is filling the room and I am going to speak afterwards and present my opportunities. My recommendation is try partnering with someone who shares your target market like Self Directed IRA advisors. Also, we are using a conference room at a Title Agency for free, try to find a free or cheaper room. Many places will rent their conference rooms too. If you make it a win-win for the person who has a conference room they should beg you to use their room. That way you are only paying for food. Make sure you invite your friends. I read Alan Cowgill’s book too and the material on setting up the tables and having your friends talk you up could be extremely helpful in addition to the response forms.