How much should I pay a bird dog


What is the going rate in your market for a bird dog?

$10 per vacant house with picture and address?
$500 or $1000 if we buy a house they found?

What about marketing activities, like putting out door hangers?


Jeff Tormey

Sounds about right. I modified that with a program based on an idea I heard on a Richard Roop CD. Basically, I provide the marketing materials and training manual and CD and DVD to the birddogs. Also telephone support and on-going training once a month. Handholding for those who are slow on the go. An advanced program with bigger deal splits and training for the elite group.

Let them prescreen sellers, photos of property, and only get paid for deals closed. What they get, and really want, is marketing and deal training and all the materials and farm list. I get free birddogs.