how much notice to give renters to leave?

I have a month to month lease and I want them out. I told them on friday and they said theyneed 2 weeks notice. They owe me 475.00 in back rent already. How do I get them out?


Most states have tenant landlord laws that governs how much notice you will need to give the tenants. Do some quick searching on your states website and you should get your answer.

If they don’t pay you can evict them but I honestly thing giving them proper notice is faster and cheaper then to evict them, especially if you are on a month to month lease.

It is always a good thing to know your states laws…

Check your state code, but in MS it is much faster to get them out by evicting them for non-payment of rent than it is to give them notice of lease termination.

The good thing about evicting them is that it then shows on their record so I don’t get stuck leasing to them.

Give them legal notice asap. Make sure you get some sort of confirmation since you need to establish a paper trail to present to the Justice of the Peace or whomever will handle a case in case it goes bad.

I would offer them some cash to move out and have them sign a general lease.


Sometimes the threat of eviction will get some people out. I definitely would not pay someone money who owed me money. Do it the right way like Bluemoon said so they’ll have a record.

As always check your State laws. Give them 2 weeks notice they are requesting, at the same time file a eviction notice with the proper authority, send them a certified letter stating your intent to evict. I have usually done this to find I have to call my local authority to cancel the court date because the tenats have left.