How much is the court costs??

How much is the court costs in Kansas ,if somebody get hurt in front of a property, which is under my personal name, and decide to sue me? (my property is in Kansas city).

The reason for this question is that I need to decided if it is worth for people to sue me, if they will cost 150k to sue me , and I only have 100k, obviously they wouldn’t do so.

so I hope to know the legal costs in the Kansas area…

Any thoughts will be deeply appreciated!


I’m not a lawyer (and I don’t even play one on TV) but this is not a “Court Cost” issue it is a “Court Award limitation” issue. In most states, there are not specific caps on damages in cases like this. If the person bringing suit can prove his damages and is compelling enough, the jury could make an astronomical award depending upon the exten of injury, willfull neglect, etc., etc., etc…

The term “Court Cost” actually refers to the amount that it costs to bring the case into court, not the amount that could be potentially awarded against the case.

Thank you for reply!

But I don’t mean the reward, I mean …Normally, how much money a person need to spend to fight a case. The reword , I think , is the amount of money that I need to compensate for the plaintiff, if he wins.

What I hope to know is just a rough estimate, normally how much a person , who want to fight against me , need to spend in the case, like lawyer fee, document fee…the total of cost.

If the plaintiff has a good enough case, it won’t cost him a cent to sue you. His lawyer will take the case on a contingency basis. His fee will be a percentage of the jury award. If you lose, the “court costs” may actually be yours to pay as part of your penalty.

Perhaps the real question is how much will it cost you to defend the case, and how much do you stand to lose if your defense is unsuccessful.

Your answer is quite clear, now I see! Thank you.
It seems really important to protect yourself by establishing an entity and buy enough insurance for the assets in the LLC.