how much for re license?

what is a ballpark price to get a re license and the annual fee?

Check your states RE licensing dept.

each state varies.

understand your states licensing.

in new york - there’s a real estate salesperson and a broker -

the fees are marginal really - 200 bucks for sales license - that’s the mandatory class, text book and a 50 fee to DOS for the state test.

salesperson works FOR THE BROKER. real estate SALES agents cannot work on their own. salespeople can’t accept any fees from anyone other than sponsoring broker that they work for.

If you’re in NH, I think the course there is about $350 for a 40 hour course. Then it’s $70 for a two year license, $115 to take the exam. I think you do have to be associated with a broker first and they may require you to join the local board of Realtors and their fees can vary depending on the location. Probably anywhere from $400-$500 or so a year. You also have to take some continuing education courses before you can renew your license after two years is up. Then you probably have lockbox fees maybe around $100, and then local MLS fees. They do seem to vary so at a guess, I’d say $30-$40 per month?

So maybe in your first year, about $1500 and then each additional year probably around $1000.