How much for new gable roof repair on a 600 SF SFR??


I’ve got a property in mind, and from what I got from talking to some roofers (nothing in paper yet) is that a new gable roof should cost about $5000. That is to take out old sheets (about 3 layers) and put new layer.

Property is about 600SF, regular gable roof.

Is this a good estimate, or are they going to hit me later for unforseen materials, labor, etc?



On an old house, always assume you’ll need to re-deck the roof as well as re-shingle. $5000 for 600sf seems outrageous. I had a 25 square roof (2500sft) roof done for that last year, labor only. (I highly recommend always buying your own materials and avoiding the contractor mark-up) I also re-decked any areas that needed to be done myself.


Thank you for the info.
I think you may have misunderstood my figures.
The house is 600SF, the roof area is 912SF (I forgot to put the roof area figures on my initial email, my fault.)

It may need redecking since several repairs have been done.
The roof has 3 layers that would need to be removed. It’s a gable roof.

I’ve been thinking that a full job like this, remove old layers, new decking, roofing felt, shingles, labor and dump fee should be around $3500-$3800 tops.
Also, it shouldn’t take more than 4-5 days to the the complete job.
It doesn’t rain in southern California.

Sure don’t want to be taken for a ride on my first rental property.



I have been in the construction industry for 30 years, to strip off three layers of 3 tab roofing and resheet the existing roof and relay composite dementional shingles should only run, and this depends on the roof pitch as the steeper the roof the more cost and labor to lay.

worst case for 9/12 pitch is probable $1oo per square to install, $85 per square for dimensional 35 year with 15lb underlayment and on the steepest roof probable $75 per square to strip three layers and $30 per sheet for resheeting.

Which is about $360 per square for a 9/12 pitch which is $3600 dollars plus permit for the job!

3/12 pitch probable runs $40 per square install and stripping is probable only $40 per square and resheeting probable $18 per sheet.
New material is the same price reguardless!

Broken rafters, rafter jacks, perlins, strong backs, etc. are extra to replace.