How much do you rehabbers pay a room to prime and paint?

I have a new rehab that needs all interior painted and I have gotten 4 estimates fromm 1500 and me buy paint to 3700. How do I know what top pay? I want a good job but cheap as we all do :}:} Its about 1600 sq ft. What do you guys pay?

The cost of the primer, the paint, a couple of roller covers and a couple of days of time.

Where is this? Prices may vary depending on hte city.


Well last week i did a 10X12 kitchen and here wehere the cost:

1 valspar galon of paint $24.00
1- Valspar galon of primer $13.00
1- Galon white ceiling paint $14.00
1- 4 roller pack $9.00

Brush i had and did not buy as well as paint tray.Total cost $$60.00…If you want to really do the math add my labor cost of 2 nights from 6 to 9 PM …

I would add that even tho i had a little left over to be safe i would double the paint qty…

Also would add the i removed all cabinets as i was doing the floor as well,that provably made it easier.In my opinion a room my size i would not pay over $500 for a professional paint job.

ruready I do it differently. Mask and cover everything 15.00 for tape and old newspapers are free drop cloths in plastic 3.00 each at lowes.
That takes two days to complete the prep work. Then I buy the large buckets of paint at lowes and spray the entire house at once with a sprayer, it takes approx 4 hrs to paint the interrior of a house with primer. You can rent sprayers or buy one at lowes for approx300.00
Spray the main coat , clean your equiptment and you are done except for touch up. Total cost including sprayer about 800.00 and 3-4 days time. It is hard to get even good contractors to show up when they are supposed to and complete on time. I hire handymen at 10.00/hr to do this, its not rocket science.

If I buy supplies can handyman do as good as a pro painter and what is price you will pay for a room or say four rooms 1000 sq ft/ Thanks

A handy man probably will not do as good a job as a pro painting co. Are you going to rent this house. Are you going to sell it or live in it yourself.
A pro will take his time as he does the following steps.
Paint prime 1st coat
Prime 2nd coat
paint 1 st coat
paint 2nd coat
some do more
then paint trim 1st coat
then paint 2nd coat
clean up
This cost can be anywhere across the board thats why you see painting costs of 8-10,000.00 for a house.

A handyman will do as I instruct
paint prime coat
paint finish coat
paint trim if necessary
clean up.
At 10.00 /hr and 3 or 4 days of work the cost would approx 400.00

I see that you have gotten competitive bids. Handymen need to be supervised. If you go the handyman route get it in writing all of the steps that he says he will take and how long to complete. Handymen type a notorious for adding to the verbal agreement. Like oh no that was just for painting not for prime coat too, that will be more.


As stated earlier, it will depend on what you’re doing with the property. Rental, you can go cheaper handyman type, rehab, probably go with a professional. I was a painting contractor for 6 years, and I couldn’t tell you how much without looking at the property and the job you want done, ie ceilings as well, how much trim, different color or same for ceilings, walls, and trim etc. I would make sure either way they have a detailed contract of the work they’re doing, so there’s no confusion. Spraying it out in my opinion should only be done if you know what you’re doing, if you don’t tape and plastic properly you could make quite a mess and end up costing yourself a lot of time.