How much do you give for a lease option ?

I’m starting to lease option in NY, how much to give for L/O. I’m going to live in it for the agreed time before selling. Is there anything else I need to know about L/O. :help

There’s lots you should know about, don’t get into this blindly. You should read all you can here and don’t forget to use the search function at the top. We need more information and exactly what you’re trying to accomplish to. It sounds like you want to buy on a Lease Option and the sell later, how? Herbster

I wasn’t trying to buy for myself and then sell but my siuation has changed. I need to learn about it more now.

Smart homes,

I have a free report on my Lease Option Page on my blog that will get you started in the right direction. See the link in the sig below.
PM me or post if you need help.

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donrock, either I’m really stupid or your blog just doesn’t work. Herbster

don rock, thanks. I read the link and it really helps. :dance2 :dance

I agree with herbster… the blog isnt working.