How many up here are actively doing Sub2 deals

Just a question for the members of this board to check who is actively doing sub2 deals? Is Austin a good market? More specifically Round Rock. I actually live out in Cat Hollow

I have done over 12 sub 2 deals. I am currently in Costa Rica, but from here I mentor people in the US with Sub 2s.

Kris malone

I do Subject 2s and many people I know. I really specialize in Lease Options, but if getting the deed is the best thing, I do that.

We currently have one Sub2 deal going. We are looking for more.

I have a quick question. Do any of you ever have a tough time finding financing for your tenants? What are the major obstacles that you run into?

Do you find lenders that accept your tenant buyer’s option payments and rent credits?

I am working with a good mortgage broker - so I can help my tenant buyers obtain financing.