How many people here are from St. Louis, MO?

Hello. I was wondering how many people are from St. Louis or deal with the St. Louis area?

I grew up a little over an hour N of St. Louis in IL. Most of my family is still there and one of our rental properties too.

I am near st. Louis. We moved out west near Troy, MO. We have two rental properties and working on two more deals. We are fairly new to this and learning as fast as we can. We are looking for investors to purchase these two deals and then we pay back after leveraging our previous purchases that we paid cash for or when we finance the current homes. We are not flippers, we are landlords with future hopes of hiring a property manager when we get about five homes. You?

I’m here in St. Chuck. Invest mostly in the city. Kinda slowed down now. Was using hard money to purchase, heloc to rehab, refinance to pay myself back. Market changed, kinda needed a break anyway, so we are in the process of getting out portfolio together, along with our business plan in order to meet with “local” lenders who know the market and wants to make money with us.