How many of you guys work with agents?

I’ve about had it with the last two agents I’ve worked with. When I ask for the numbers of coarse they give me their work up which I hate to base my offer on. I have to go though the process of putting the properties under contract to get the actual owners numbers. The last building the owners numbers and the agents number were so far off that all I could do was laugh. Why do they waste their time and ours by padding the numbers.

Sorry just had to rant.

Rant on.

I must say, you have more patience than me. What exactly are you asking for? When I ask for numbers, I always ask for actuals. Unless the property is under control by someone other than the owner (i.e. an REO or probate), or is a recent rehab, you should get what you want.

I have no patience for brokers that tell me they only have pro-forma numbers. If they represent a living healthy owner, they can get actuals. Whether they want to or not is another story. Yes, the games can be a total waste of time. If I get back to them at all, I will tell them I won’t evaluate a property or base an offer on pro-forma. It almost never gets that far.