How many hours on average does it take for you to aquire a wholesale deal?

Im curious on how long it takes everyone on average to aquire a deal that you plan to wholesale? What is your main source of leads and please state your level of experience also. 

thanks in advance

Depends on how motivated you are and how many hours you can devote to rei per week. I have signed up a deal with a total of 3 hours of work on my part before closing and mostly was phone calls and a couple of appts…so it depends on your motivation levels. As for the leads, that depends on your goals, what type of properties are you wanting to acquire(or what kind are your investors desiring)…research this forum and decide what appeals to you. Also, build a buyers list and determine what they want to buy…also research this forum for ways to build your list. Hope that helps and keep us posted of your progress!

I think I may have not made my question clear. What I would like to know is how long on average does it take from the lead generation phase, to an agreement with a seller.
The reason I am asking is, because I am bird dogging at the moment, and I am working on a goal sheet. My goal is to have my first wholesale deal happen in april. I will have 9 deals under my belt by June of 09’, with a min of $5k profit per deal. I intend to work 15 hours a week on this business and want to make sure this is a realistic goal. I think it should be easily attainable, but I was hoping some experienced people would chime in with their experiences on how much time is spent vs how many deals they attain and what methods that they use to get the most deals

Why only 15 hours a week? do you have a job and this is all you can contribute, or you decided to retire before you start working? :slight_smile:

You can work as many hours as you like. The less hours you work, the more money it will cost you by out sourcing the work.

Similarly, your marketing methods and budget will dictate the timeframe. What is your marketing plan? how will you find these houses? How much money you will spend? how targeted are you in your search? how is the local market?

You can easily drive around for 15 hours a week and wait for something to happen by April, but that is not a plan. Driving around alone won’t do it.

I already work a full time job, which I work an average of 50+ hours a week. I have a 5 month old daughter and a wife that works full time also. So Im trying to work 15hrs a week on it. I inted to go full time by June of 09’
The market up here is slow. I feel that it has reached a low and will soon turn. That is just a gut feeling though.
My plan is to take the profits of the deal and invest 10% back into the marketing. My lead generation will consist of mailing to out of town owners, working probate sales, driving through neighborhoods looking for deals, and handing out my business cards to every delivery vehicle that I see and offering a reward for deals.